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Online Art Mentoring

Helping YOU create excellent art... see below  for details

Online Art Mentoring, learn to paint and draw.


Online Art Mentoring

Would you be interested in Online Art mentoring?

I am now offering individual online art mentoring.
As you may know, I have been teaching for a number of years and this has mostly been group classes or one to one private tuition. In light of the Covid-19 situation the future of physical classes remains to be seen, I am still awaiting news of my how all this will impact my local college classes.

My areas that I can cover include Drawing and Painting (covering Oil paints and Watercolour) in a representational manner.

Mentoring means giving you help with the art projects you are working on. This can be giving you advice on the art pieces you are creating or giving you practical individual lessons about the techniques and principles in creating traditional, representational painting.

Learn to make art.

Online Artist Mentoring

  • 1 hour per month (or as many as you would like to book) personal art mentoring via HD webcam (using Online Call Software).

  • Date and Time arranged via email correspondence. Available times given via a Google Calendar link.

  • Cost £30 for 1 Hour. (For more hours just increase the quantity). Payable in advance via my website.

  • Please refer to the Important Details section for more information (see below).

You too can create inspiring, beautiful, confident works of art.

Teaching is a great way for me to share my passion and pass on the skills, methods and knowledge, which I have gained over the many years that I have been painting.


How do you choose an art teacher?

Well, have a look at their porfolio of work. Is it of a good standard and quality? Does it reflect the kind of art you want to make and skills you want to aquire? Education and practise, how long has the artist been training and painting for. How much experiance do they have in teaching, do they have any teaching qualifications? All these factors can help in deciding if this is the teacher for you.

In 2011, I gained a PTLLS qualification in teaching which really helped me identify structured learning which can benefit the student. I very much enjoy enthusing students in their inspiration to capture the world around them and their individual ideas and listening to their experiances and thougts on painting.

Currently, I teach two painting classes at Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge. I have a range of different one-day workshops at Tindalls in Cambridge and Ely. And I, also, teach privately in one to one sessions, covering fundemental skills in drawing and painting.


  • Skills and expertise based on 35 years of experiance.

  • Diploma in Graphic Design.

  • Degree in Illustration.

  • PTLLS Teaching Qualification.

  • Teaching for five years.

Below, you will find the latest date listings of the classes and workshops, as well as valuable feedback from my students.

David Wood Artist Studio


"Great Teacher!"

"thank you SO MUCH for such fantastic lessons.. Ben has really been inspired to practice more and has been talking lots about what he's learned from you. Thank you!" - Emily

David Wood Artist Studio.

Important  details.

Please bear in mind mentorship will take pIace during UK time.

Timetabling the individual sessions will be calendared in via Google calendar so you can see available times. Although I can be flexible there will be some days which I can’t teach. Please note I can’t teach on Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is the responsibility for both parties to attend the agreed appointment. To have a good internet connection and a webcam to carry out the live mentorship. Once a date and time has been set for the mentoring it is important to be online and ready to receive the call. Changes to date and time must be done with 48 hours’ notice.

When I am critiquing work or amending it, I may use digital (Photoshop) or traditional medium to visually describe techniques or correct areas of the art work.

Technical details.
Technology. I will have a HD webcam to film the one to one tuition (or record the painting techniques).  A recording of which will be shared with you, to look back on (only available for those who subscribe to the Patreon service). And there would obviously be a requirement on you to have a webcam too and a microphone on your device. If I am giving critique of your art work it will be important for you to be able to send clear and high quality photographs or scans of your art work.  High quality means the painting is well lit, full colour, as close in asthetic to the true art work as possible and min of 1000 pixels in resolution.

You will need a to dowload the software Zoom on to your PC order to receive the video call. See link .