Frequently Asked Questions, when buying Art 


Currently, I am only shipping to the UK, sadly due the astronomical costs of shipping and other fees to USA and other countries, I can only fulfil orders in the United Kingdom. If you are local to Cambridgeshire, then please contact me, as there could be alternative methods of delivery available.

Shipping is through Royal Mail, Special Delivery and Tracked. Proof of delivery is standard with this service and you can track your item online using our Track & Trace service.

I ship within 2-3 days of receiving the order.

Every painting is carefully wrapped and protected.

Returns policy.

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact me within 24hrs of receiving the artwork, with details. Any items returned to me must be in the exact same condition as I sent it. Buyers are responsible for cost of the return postage.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Are they original paintings?

Yes. All my works are originals and painted, by hand, by me. Creating art can take hours, week’s, months and sometimes years. But I LOVE what I do and that’s what gives me the patience and drive to create.

Do they come framed?

Some of the art will be framed and some won’t. Details on framing and photographs are included with specific pieces.

I have bought one of your paintings, does that mean I now own the copyright?

No, the artist owns all copyrights to the image rights. You own the artwork/print, but you do not own the copyright (that remains with me). This means it is illegal for you to reproduce that print or painting in any form, without my permission.

How should I take care of my art?


It is best not to place art, whether it’s an Oil or watercolour painting or drawing over a heat source (open/enclosed fires, radiators, etc.), as over the long term this can be detrimental to the paint and the canvas or paper.
Paintings should never be hung where they will be in direct sunlight. The sun's rays will fade and damage the painting. When paintings are framed. they are placed under UV resistant glass, however, the sun still can dry out and fade the colours over time.


My Oil paintings are generally varnished. However if you have bought a new work, it may have been too soon to varnish, an oil painting has to fully dry for six months before varnishing. I will inform you, if is this case. Varnishing a piece of art only serves as a protective layer to protect the art from impurities within the environment. Centuries ago, this would have been soot and other impurities, in these modern times there are less problems with this, but it doesn’t hurt to have it varnished.
Cleaning. If it’s an oil painting (without any protective glass), please just use a duster to remove any dust, if needs be a slightly damp cloth. Do not use household cleaners. For art protected by glass, use regular glass cleaning, sparingly.